Annual Reports, Directories and Print Publications

How do I get effective communication in my documents?

One of the greatest ways that we can communicate with our customers, staff and investors is through the use of print based publications such as annual reports, manuals, information directories and company newsletters.

Yet, I often see very little attention being payed to the design of these documents.

Through the use of hierarchy, font choice, leading, kerning, image placement, negative space and many other design elements and principles we can create publications that not only communicate but help to tell a story. Documents that can persuade and even inspire the reader to take specific actions.

A well designed document can be an advertisement for the professionalism, creativity and expertise of a company and as so should be send as an important part of your over all branding strategy.

Your business reputation will often depend on it.

Crimson Fox can assist you in:

  • Designing Booklets and Annual Documents
  • Creating internal templates
  • Taking your publication to another level with a custom designed cover
  • Crafting Promotional and Marketing Materials

To avoid producing documents that are 'good enough' contact us today for a free consultation and allow us to show you how you can do more with your print based publications.

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