Our Brand Marketing Philosophy

Actions speak louder than words

To take the dictionary definition, a brand is a mark: an impression left behind by an action of some type. One example is the mark made by burning with a hot iron to designate ownership.

While we can’t simply go burning our logo into the skin of the next customer who walks through our doors, our actions can certainly have a similar effect on a customer's mindset and the reputation that develops from that interaction.

A brand is a perception. It’s the reputation of a company or product in the mind of the consumer. That perception will have a lasting impact on how a customer, employee, supplier or investor interacts with your business. So it’s very important that we get that perception right.

Each individual action your brand takes leaves a significant impression on the people it interacts with. Whether through advertising, customer service, delivery of goods or the payment process, our brand's perception will be shaped by them all. So to neglect attention in any business area will allow a negative reputation to creep in and affect the brand as a whole.

Branding is the act of taking steps to ensure consistency in a considered brand position at all levels of the business and product delivery.

By positive promotion and fulfilment of the brand promise you have the ability to influence the good will of not only customers and prospective clients, but also your staff, suppliers and investors.

Working for and with a successful brand promotes harder work, better terms and for more fulfilling business relationships.

Internal vs External Branding

While there are many opinions on internal vs external branding, we like to consider external branding to be any interaction with the brand prior to having direct contact with the brands’ parent company, it’s employees, procedures and policies.

Internal branding is every interaction after that point.

External Branding consists of your advertising, signage, sales messages and even word of mouth. These messages should be considered as promises to potential customers, because they form an expectation that we now need to live up to.

Failing to deliver on your brand promises may cement distrust in the brand and ultimately lose a customer, their network and anyone they chose to share their experience with.

Internal Branding relates to the inner workings of your business or product, it’s customer service and communication, it’s sales process and delivery.

Once a customer has purchased from you, any of your external advertising will be skewed by that experience for better or worse.

If you delivered on your brand promise or exceeded that promise, then you can expect further external and internal branding to reinforce this positive perception. But if you missed the mark then any further branding may be met with cynical consideration.

We would love to speak with you further about our brand philosophy. So, if you'd like more information, please get in touch via our contact details here.

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