Media Kits and Design Guide

Media Kits & Design Guides

How does consistency improve my brand perception?

When a brand displays multiple faces to a single market audience, it becomes very difficult breed trust into the business to customer relationship.

People want to know what to expect when requesting a product or service.

Different advertising messages and imagery can confuse the brand and the customers perception of what you offer.

So it becomes very important to ensure that your visual branding and brand messages are consitent across all media channels.

Since your brand designs may be implemented by many parties in the different media segments, such as;

  • Newspaper,
  • Television,
  • Magazines and
  • Internal Corporate Identity

we need to create a written guide to make sure the brand and design style remains unchanged.

Corporate Design Guides and Kits specifically created for the media (Media Kits) are documented electronic and hard copy versions of brand style covering everything from corporate colours to fonts, Brand imagery to detailed layout instructions.

By commisioning a detailed set of Corporate design guidelines you will have a very useful tool which can be used as a reference or concrete instructions for all 3rd party advertising groups when executing your visual branding.

When used consistently, a media kit and branding guidelines will save you both time and money when dealing with advertisers. They will ensure that your brand becomes a focused message as to why a customer should do business with you.

We know how Media Kits and Corporate Design Guidelines can improve your brand perception, so contact us for more information on how we can custom design guidelines for your brand.

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