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Marketing in Knox

Marketing on behalf of the businesses in the Knox city council district is something we've been doing for years. Whether professional services companies, trade organisations or retail outlets, Crimson Fox has working on marketing campaigns across a diverse range of Knox Industries.

Crimson Fox has also worked with the Knox City Economic Development group to plan for future development of the region.

Knox marketing activities

The Knox area has a strong business focus and Crimson Fox has been involved in various marketing events in the district, including speaking on the subject of marketing itself.

Radiating around the Knox Shopping Centre the Knox business district has positioned itself as a destination apart from the Melbourne CBD and is quite insular with little access to direct city public transport, This allow marketing activities in Knox the opportunity to draw local residents that prefer market offerings closer to home.

There are many options for marketing to and from the Knox Council region and Crimson Fox has worked with most of them. Whether festival events through to retail promotion Crimson Fox is available to assist your marketing activity and ensure it shows the return on investment you expect.

Contact Crimson Fox to discuss your marketing plans today and take advantage of their knowledge in this growing area.

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