Effective Australian Advertising

What are the elements of effective advertising?

Effective advertising starts with the result in mind.

What are we trying to achieve? How will this result be measured?

These two questions must be answered before the basis of any effective advertising campaign can be created.

With your goals in hand we move on to the Who.

Who are we advertising to? The aim of this step is to define a niché. Not a broad demographic such as single white female between the age of 21 - 36, but a concrete persona.

Picture the intended audience in your mind. What do they eat? Where do they shop? What do they enjoy doing? We want to target this persona down to an individual. Only then can we create an effective advertisement specifically designed for the individual.

Next, the 'where'. Where will we advertise?

Easy, where ever our intended target visits regularly. By surgically defining our niché we have a greater chance of being precise in our decisions about placement.

Let's see where we are:

  • We have a goal
  • We know how we will measure the results
  • We know who our audience is.
  • We know where to find them

Now what?

Now we contact Crimson Fox and use their talented team, expertise and good old fashioned know how to craft the most effective message, offer and/or promotion possible. An offer that will knock your prospects socks off.

There is of course much more to creating an effective advertising campaign, but the basic principles are the same.

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